east japan project Ejpイーストジャパンプロジェクトは建築家隈研吾が中心となり、様々な企業・デザイナーが企業・団体の枠を超えて東日本の伝統工芸職人と協力するプロジェクトです。エコロジカルでサステイナブルな新しいライフスタイルを可能にする日用品を提案していきます。East Japan Project- collaboration between companies, designers and local artisans to propose a new lifestyle.

02. Chidori

September 2011
1unit :(30mm x 30mm x 540mm) x12
top board: 270mm x270mm x 5mm 
material: Walnut


Chidori is a flexible furniture that can adapt to different uses and life style. Each modular unit can be connected to from all 6 sides, making numerous configurations possible. One Chidori unit consists of 12 timber sticks with different connection details. These special junctions require highly skilled carpenters in the Tohoku region to produce.